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A tech company was hired to develop a new resource platform that provides education and support to individuals who have lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

They knew they had to scale quickly when they were tasked to build similar resource platforms for multiple states. In order to build and tailor the platforms quickly for these states, they needed to hire and onboard 500 workers fast.

Learn how IES helped the tech company hire and onboard a remote workforce in one week and payroll the new talent in multiple states, all while staying compliant.

Navigating Essential Hiring Surges Amidst COVID-19 Cover

"Our Mission is to provide companies with flexible, consultative and technology-driven solutions for engaging the evolving workforce."

What You'll Learn

This case study shares the journey of a company who had to scale quickly and efficiently to meet demands that resulted from a pandemic.

In this case study you’ll get an overview of:

  • The challenges faced by the tech company
  • The solutions that IES provided
  • The outcome and results of partnering with IES


business man
"Outsourcing to IES is invaluable to my business. My time spent on administrative tasks has been reduced by over 50%. IES takes care of all the paperwork, terminations, sick leave, quarterly payroll taxes, and more."

President & Owner, Finance Industry

talent manager
"We are thrilled with IES's efficiency and quick response time. Thanks to IES, our clients are beside themselves with how fast we are able to hire and onboard new employees to begin working right away, sometimes in less than 24 hours."

Talent Acquisition Manager, Science & Technology Industry


Benefits of Employer of Record Services Include




Payrolling services without borders. Licensed in all 50 states in the U.S. with worldwide capabilities.


IC Compliance

Ensure every new contractor or employee is classified correctly every time and keep your company compliant.

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Global Workforce Solutions

We help companies expand their operations in more than 150 countries so they can hire and onboard talent quickly and compliantly without having to set up a business entity.


Back Office Support

Build your business without worrying about HR Administration like processing payroll for employees, paying temporary workers, administering benefits, or client billing and collections for recruiters and staffing firms.


HR Administration

We handle all aspects of your HR Administration saving your company hours of internal resources for processing payroll for employees and temporary workers, administering benefits, workman's comp, and more.

The numbers speak for themselves

18 %
Reduced Costs
Hours Saved a Week
62 %
Less Admin Work
83 %
Faster Onboarding
American Payroll Association