Contingent Hiring Solutions That Save Staff Time And Resources

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Learn how we helped a science and technology company scale their hiring and payroll processes fast to meet the needs of a 10-year U.S. Department of Defense contract. It was an outstanding opportunity for the company, but meeting the staffing needs necessary to accommodate the contract meant onboarding 30 workers that met strict military base hiring standards.

We created a three-part solution that took the burdens of payroll and other hiring activities off the shoulders of the client. These three parts included:

  • An onboarding and payroll program
  • Onboarding management, including background checks, drug tests, workers’ compensation, etc. 
  • Security clearance management
  • Fast, efficient and proactive communication with both the client and the contingent workforce
Case Study - Flexibility for a Fluctuating Workforce

The science and technology company was already busy enough when they landed the outstanding contract with the U.S. Department of Defense that required fast hiring.


The client needed a custom payrolling  program that integrated seamlessly with existing hiring processes so that they could onboard the 30 contingent workers quickly and accomplish the services outlined in their contract with the U.S. Department of Defense.

Read our case study to learn how we helped this client save:

  • 1,000 hours a year related to hiring surges and onboarding
  • 50% compared to working with a traditional staffing agency
  • 10% by hiring short-term employees using a payrolling service instead of an internal process
business man
"Outsourcing to IES is invaluable to my business. My time spent on administrative tasks has been reduced by over 50%. IES takes care of all the paperwork, terminations, sick leave, quarterly payroll taxes, and more."

President & Owner, Finance industry

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"IES has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has made this transition a real partnership which was something we lacked with our prior service. This experience has been a breath of fresh air for me and my team. Thank you and again, I appreciate our partnership."

Operations Manager, Engineering Industry

American Payroll Association